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12.04.2015 - Special broadcast on La Grosse Radio Rock on 26th April 2015 at 7:00 PM (local time). A tribute to the victims of Chernobyl and the full playing of "The taste of Wormwood" album.

23.10.2014 - "The Day After" (from "The Taste of Wormwood") is part of the compilation "L'univers Progressif 3". Profits from sales will go to CKIA 88.3FM radio station (Quebec). Buy the album here.

12.10.2014 - ITW + "The taste of Wormwood" review in the N°90 of Koid9 magazine.

23.06.2014 - Listen to "The taste of Wormwood" on Progstreaming.

20.04.2014 - Find now ITW and albums reviews on the MP3 page (left column).

22.03.2014 - "The taste of Wormwood" is officially distributed by MUSEA Records. Cat. number : MP 3286.

22.02.2014 - "The taste of Wormwood" will soon be distributed by MUSEA Records ! Thanks to Bernard Gueffier for his confidence.

01.02.2014 - Official release of "The taste of Wormwood" ! Click here to order your CD (limited quantity).

22.01.2014 - My new album is being pressed. The release is imminent !

15.11.2013 - The crowdfunding campaign of my new album is closed and the budget is reached !

14.09.2013 - Become coproducer of my new album! A crowdfunding campaign has started to finance the duplication of 100 Digipacks. Click here to know more about this operation.

21.06.2013 - My next album is on its way. It will be called "The taste of Wormwood : voices from Chernobyl". Estimated release : winter 2013.

03.06.2011 - Official release of "Ring down the curtain" ! You can order the CD online or download the entire album for free. Just click here for more details.

14.05.2011 - "Ring down the curtain", my new album, will be available next June in two formats : Audio CD with 12 pages booklet or in MP3 (128 kbits) on this website. Stay in tune !

27.02.2010 - Exclusive interview available at MagicFireMusic.

27.02.2010 - "Forgotten paradise" album review at MagicFireMusic.

14.01.2010 - My new album is on its way. It will be named "Ring down the curtain" and will contain 9 original tracks. More informations are monthly posted on my Facebook page. Join me !

13.07.2009 - Become my fan on facebook !

30.01.2009 - "Two minutes hate" played on La Grosse Radio ! Thanks to LGR and all the listeners for their support.

10.08.2008 - "Legacy of submission" is now available " ! An EP of three tracks linked together by a common theme. Full artwork is also downloadable. Click here.

13.03.2008 - Discover the 2nd track of "Legacy of submission". Downloadable for free as usual ! Click here.

19.12.2007 - Philippe Luttun appears on Phalange Rock I , the new talents compilation. Many thanks to Gerald for this nice project.

18.09.2007 - "Try before you die" added to La Grosse Radio playlist. Thanks to LGR for its support !

03.06.2007 - Listen right now to "Try before you die", the very first track of my next album: Click here.

25.04.2007 - "Only the strong survive" added to La Grosse Radio playlist. Thanks to LGR for its support !

29.12.2006 - My new release is on line ! "Light waves" is an EP containing 5 progressive rock covers. Free download here !

23.11.2006 - "Forgotten paradise" played on La Grosse Radio. Thanks to LGR for its support !

16.11.2006 - Join me on MySpace. My brand new blog is open !

16.08.2006 - My third album is now available ! I have spent 7 days of my summer holidays to mix and master it. Finally, you won't have to wait until Christmas to discover my new release. How lucky you are ;-)

02.07.2006 - is born ! Welcome to my brand new website. Progressive rock lovers, discover my self-produced albums and my musical universe.

01.06.2006 - My third album is on its way. Recording sessions have started since 3 months. Release scheduled for next Christmas or beginning of 2007.


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First, let me introduce myself. I'm Philippe Luttun, a french musician. Guitar is my favorite axe but I also play keyboards and try to sing even outside of my bathroom ! My purpose is to make you discover my self-produced albums and my musical universe. If you like progressive rock (Dream Theater, Neal Morse, Spock's Beard, Porcupine Tree, Pain of Salvation, Yes, Rush, ELP, Pink Floyd, Marillion...) or instrumental rock (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen...), I invite you to take a look at my pages.

All audio material on this site is free to be downloaded. Making music is not my job but a huge passion. However, it would be very frustrating to simply keep my songs on a hard disk. Music is done to be shared and Internet is the perfect way to do it.

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