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About me

Phil crazyHere some informations about my musical background and my main influences.

First, music is not my job but a huge passion. It started with piano studies when I was seven and guitar self-teaching several years after.

I have played in different cover bands and make a lot of concerts during many years. Today, I'm focussed on the recording of my self produced albums in my home studio. You can download most of them for free on the MP3 page.

A Few dates:

[1965] Birth in St Germain-en-Laye (France)
[1972-1980] Classical piano studies
[1984] Electric guitar self-teaching, first band experience as keyboardist
[1986-1988] Keyboardist in a french rock band, Iceberg
[1990-1997] Management of a recording studio
[1995] Keyboardist, guitarist and arranger in a latin dance band, Mambo Loco
[1995-1996] Recording of "Between 2 worlds"
[1996-2000] Guitarist in a blues rock cover band, Farm Street
[2000-2001] Writing and recording of "The wonderful legend of sliding rocks"
[2001] Joining a pop rock cover band, Paradoxe, as a guitarist
[2006] Writing and recording of "Forgotten paradise" and "Light waves"
[2007] Writing and recording of "The tragic fate of Rosemary Page - Chapter I"
[2006] Writing and recording of "Legay of submission"
[2008] Forming "Forgotten Paradise", a prog rock project
[2008-2011] Writing and recording of "Ring down the curtain"
[2012-2013] Writing and recording of "The taste of Wormwood"

How it all started

Phil in concertPiano was my very first love, but today, electric guitar is definitely my favorite axe. How did it all get started ?

When I was 18, I enjoyed listening to heavy rock bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. I was really excited by the sound of distorted electric guitar and decided to buy one. It was a cheap japanese Strat copy sold with a small solid state amp. I spent hours trying to play riffs and solos of my favorite guitar players.

This is how I've learnt this instrument. It was surely neither the quickest nor the better way, but it was a really good ear training ! Now, I try to change my bad habits (lazy right hand, bad pick attack angle...) and it's a really tough challenge.


Today, my main influences are progressive rock bands like Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Yes, Neal Morse, Pain of Salvation, Transatlantic, ELP, Porcupine Tree... I guess you will sometimes recognize them in my own compositions.


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